Exporting Blender Models to Unity

Hey all!

Here’s a little tip when exporting Blender models to Unity that I learned while developing games on no budget.  If you export a Blender model directly to Unity, Unity will rotate it by -90 degrees in order to correct it.  We don’t want to deal with this especially if we are manipulating the model’s rotation via code during runtime.


  1. Select the model you want to export to Unity
  2. Go to File -> Export -> FBX
  3. In the Export FBX (See screenshot for reference):
    • Click the Selected Objects box
    • Change the Forward to – Z forward and Up to Y Up to match up with Unity’s left hand coordinate system
    • Check the Apply Transform box

Blender Export Screenshot

There you have it!  Your model appears correctly in Unity and you don’t have the wrong rotation in Unity.

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