About Me

My Profile PictureYo dawg! Welcome to my portfolio site!  I’m currently a gameplay and AI programmer at Double Fine.  I worked on the level specific systems on all the brain levels and AI systems such as animals, NPC, and boss fights on Psychonauts 2.

I was known as the goofiest game engineer at PlayFirst.  I love to do shenangians with my coworkers like ride a ricksha at night or declare Nerf dart war amongst all of my coworkers with a chair back support cushion and my trusty Nerf Strike Retalaitor gun shooting at people like in the Matrix.  I even got to provide some comedy relief while facing off Gordon Ramsay’s executive chef and a high school famous food blogger and here’s the proof: https://www.facebook.com/gordonramsay/videos/1167838859906043/

On my free time, I love to travel around, eat delicious and funky looking food, hangout with friends, coworkers, play video games, draw animals, pet and feed animals, and play sports.

For realz though.  Here is my professional work story on how I got started into the games industry.

I started making iOS apps at Uncorked Studios, an iOS design and development startup in Portland, Oregon.  I interned there for 6 months making badass iOS apps (LEGO Movie Maker & JumperCut) with clients such as LEGO and project managing the design and development and sauntering wires for the local hit Steampunk Map Overlay Machine.  I remember petting and playing with the office doggy, Luke, whenever he popped his head in where I sat

After that I decided to intern at Apple Inc on the Sprite Kit team to see if I would enjoy working at a bigger software company and to find out whether I wanted to make game engines or make games as my BS was in Video Game Design & Development.  I created the physics visual debug drawing tool, which got featured in next year’s WWDC Sprite Kit demo, and learned graphics and lower level programming for the first time.  At WWDC Sprite Kit lab, I got to give advise to indie mobile game developers on the best game development practices and how to convert over to Sprite Kit, which I literally had to learn the night before due to secrecy of Sprite Kit being unreleased back then.

Then I went on to work as a Cocoa Developer contractor for Apple to see if Apple was the right fit for me, but it was still too corporate for my tastes.

I decided to jump into the game industry after my contract ended with Apple and never looked back.  I love developing games and am happy that I finally get to do it as a career.

Feel free to hit me up and connect with me.  I’m always happy to get to know more people. =3

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