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Kitty Land – Unity Game Using Craig Reynolds’ Steering Algorithms

Hey guys!

I made this game called Kitty Land in as a personal project, which centered on using Craig Reynold’s steering algorithm for 3D in Unity.  You can view his steering behaviors here:  Also there is a breakdown of some of his algorithms and a review of vectors on this website:

Controls for Kitty Land: Use WASD or Arrow Keys for movement,  move around the mouse to change the view of perspective, and use Spacebar to accelerate at top speeds with a rainbow trail (which is activated after returning the lost kittens to the mother cat).

Kitty Land is a game in which you play as Nyan Cat to find all of the lost kittens and return them to their mother cat.  All of the cats are puffball shaped and were inspired by the Lubies stuffed animals.  Once the player starts to chase after a lost kitten, the lost kitten seeks the nearest waypoint until it goes past that waypoint.  Then it seeks the next waypoint until it reaches the last waypoint in the predefined path upon which the lost kitten respawn at the starting point near the first waypoint and the player respawns behind the lost kitten.  Once the player collides with the lost kitten, the lost kitten engages in leader following by following the player, the leader.  As the player captures more lost kittens, the lost kittens follow each other in a single line in the order they were captured.  After the player returns all of the lost kittens to their mother, then the player can have a rainbow trail powers, which can be activated by using the Spacebar.  With the rainbow trail powers, the player can go around with world at high speeds with an extended rainbow trailing extending from the cat’s tail.

I hope you have fun playing it.  Feel free to subscribe to my blog or comment on this post.

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Chase – First Unity Game I Ever Made

As part of a team project last spring quarter, we had to write a design document, construct a paper prototype from it, test the paper prototype with people from our game design and development II class and implement their feedback for the digital prototype, and finally build the digital prototype in Unity all under two weeks.  In addition to this, we had to teach ourselves Unity and could not seek help from the professor as part of a game industry simulation experience.  We had to learn how to make the menus, which ended up being different Unity scene files, and write C# scripts for all of the game objects in MonoDevelop.  With a team of six people including me, we were able to successfully build three levels for our game and to polish our game multiple times since we finished our project a couple of days before the due date.

My roles in this project include:

  • writing the game elements section and producing art for the game design document.
  • programming death scripts for the player, menu scripts, and instruction script.
  • delegating tasks to people in the team and checking up on people to ensure we were making progress as a team.

Feel free to check out our updated design document.

Here is a link to our game made in Unity.  If you don’t have Unity web player, you need to download it.

Controls for the game:

  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to walk
  • Hold Shift and use WASD or Arrow keys to run
  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Space bar to jump
  • Press E to interact with certain objects

Gameloft Game Design Test

As I was rummaging through my flash drive for potential items I could show for my Microsoft final rounds interview for PM intern position, I came across my old Gameloft game design test I completed in the beginning of my last winter quarter of 2011.  I was just starting to learn how to design a really fun game in my Game Design & Development I class using design principles used by professionals.  Even though I didn’t get the internship, the whole process of going through the design test taught me invaluable lessons of how a professional game designer thinks.

Feel free to look at the game design test I submitted and give me feedback.  I am very open to suggestions on how to design fun games for a targeted audience.

Here is a link to the game design test I submitted.

Here are some screenshots I created with Flash CS5.5.  All of the artwork was done by me.


Billiards with Smooth Japanese Jazz Music

Hey guys!

I finished making a Flash billiards game for my Data Structures and Algorithms I (DSA 1) class.  It has smooth Japanese jazz music playing in the background.  Japanese jazz music credits goes to lastsamurai55 on YouTube and all other sound effects come from

Here is a link to a video of me playing it.  As you can probably tell, I’m not a total expert on billiards.  I only played it once in my life.  Basically, I play billiards like I play mini-golf on a bad day. hahaha.

I began uploading videos of my portfolio games, so that potential employers could see them.  I am still looking for a summer internship and am willing to work anywhere in the U.S.

I made significant progress towards the RIT campus map app my partner and I developed in Flash AIR for the iPad and iPhone.  I worked on a majority of the code while my partner, Nate, worked on the design for it.  I’ll post pictures of it soon.  Right now, it allows the user to search for any RIT building by its name, acronym, and number and tells the user if they input an invalid search.  Next step will be to get the current user’s location and spruce up the way the information is being displayed to the user.  For now, all of the information and the picture of the buildings are in the Google info window.

Anyways, I gotta go to DSA 1 and then to the RIT Creativity Fair.  Hope to score a video game, web design, or web development internship there.