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JumperCut was an iOS app that was a collaborative video making app that allowed people to submit video clips to a project created by users and view these scenes and projects in the newsfeed.  You can pick the scenes in the project and produce a video that showcases the sequence you selected.  This was my main project that I worked on at Uncorked Studios while working on other iOS apps such as the LEGO Movie Maker and being a project manager on the Steampunk Map Overlay Machine.  I started working on this app with my mentor, one of the lead developers, a lead designer, and a project manager at Uncorked.  Later on, we had to get two more iOS developers to develop the features the client wanted.  This was a project in which I interacted a lot with the client to showcase my work and give suggestions on the app’s user experience and user interface design.

Link to JumperCut demo: JumperCut Demo

Here is a list of features I developed for the app:

> Developed and revamped scene and sequence play
using AVFoundation library containing over 4,000 lines
of code with focus on smooth transition
> Created custom tableview cells for projects and scenes
in newsfeed and project and scene descriptions
between videos and video playback on both 3G and WiFi
> Fixed over 100 bugs and thus stabilized the app for
beta testing and allowed more features to be developed
> Programmed several API calls with Ruby and called
them on the front end to retrieve appropriate data from
the database using JSON as the intermediary language
between the Objective-C and Ruby

Note: The source code is not available to view since this was a client project and the code base was given to the client.

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