Lego Movie Maker

LEGO Movie Maker iOS AppScreen Shot 2017-09-07 at 11.43.18 PM.jpg


Here is a link to the app on Apple‘s App Store:

This is an iOS app I made when I was interning at Uncorked Studios with a small team that had one other developer intern and a project manager.  My job was to make new features for the update LEGO want to push to the app store for their fans, mentor the other developer intern on this project, and make builds to push out to Pereira & O’Dell, the design company who made the art assets for the app and communicated with LEGO directly.

Here is the list of features I made:

> Developed focus camera feature along with scaling
down and blinking focus animation using
AVCaptureDevice class and UIView animation blocks
> Added a custom switch, developed for backward
compatibility with iOS 4 using CAAnimations and touch
and drag gesture, to toggle between low and high quality
movie settings
> Ensured that movies retained the same quality
specified at the time of movie creation
> Built low quality movie setting by using JPEG
compression for all photos taken for the movie
> Made curse filter for text input in the app
> Created nibs for upload to YouTube feature

Note: The source code is not available to view since this was a client project and the code base was given to the client.

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