GDC was a blast!  I got to meet a bunch of game professionals, get awesome swag such as a BlackBerry playbook tablet, attend sessions relating to mobile development and publishing, go sightseeing with my fellow RIT friends, and play some Indie and Triple AAA games.  Best part of all, it was all free for me thanks to the funding I got from the RIT honors program.

This quarter has been more programming intensive for me.  In my Data Structures and Algorithms I class, I have been creating physics engines that generate dynamic graphics, while in my Mobile Game and Web App Seminar class, I have learned about using MadComponents for rapid mobile app development.

For my Mobile Game and Web App Seminar class, I am designing and developing a RIT campus mobile app with my partner, Nate, in Flash CS5.5.  Right now it’s in  the rough prototype state with the google map web service being displayed as the stagewebview in Flash Air and a searchbar above, which will be used to search for specific buildings in the RIT campus.  We are hoping to also implement the RIT events calendar feed into our app, so RIT students can find out which events are happening for the week and where.  I also want to see if there is a way to incorporate the Google 8-bit map that was released for April Fools as a side feature to our app.

That’s all for now.  Next week is midterms for me and RIT’s Creativity: Careers in Motion event.  I hope to get some more portfolio feedback from that event and meet companies that offer web design and development internships.

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Recent Projects and GDC

Sorry I haven’t been able to update my blog as regularly.  I have been busy with 20 credits this past quarter and just got a short spring break.  Check out this website I have designed and developed for PC and mobile in my Intro to Web Development class.

I have also done an entire class on 3D modeling and animation in which I created models, UV and normal mapped them, animated them, and finally ported them over to Unity.  Pictures of my 3D modeling work will be coming soon.

I have never been to GDC before, so I am really excited!   I wouldn’t be able to go without the funding from the RIT honors program.  I am very grateful for this opportunity.   I can’t wait to meet all of the people there!