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Kitty Land – Unity Game Using Craig Reynolds’ Steering Algorithms

Hey guys!

I made this game called Kitty Land in as a personal project, which centered on using Craig Reynold’s steering algorithm for 3D in Unity.  You can view his steering behaviors here:  Also there is a breakdown of some of his algorithms and a review of vectors on this website:

Controls for Kitty Land: Use WASD or Arrow Keys for movement,  move around the mouse to change the view of perspective, and use Spacebar to accelerate at top speeds with a rainbow trail (which is activated after returning the lost kittens to the mother cat).

Kitty Land is a game in which you play as Nyan Cat to find all of the lost kittens and return them to their mother cat.  All of the cats are puffball shaped and were inspired by the Lubies stuffed animals.  Once the player starts to chase after a lost kitten, the lost kitten seeks the nearest waypoint until it goes past that waypoint.  Then it seeks the next waypoint until it reaches the last waypoint in the predefined path upon which the lost kitten respawn at the starting point near the first waypoint and the player respawns behind the lost kitten.  Once the player collides with the lost kitten, the lost kitten engages in leader following by following the player, the leader.  As the player captures more lost kittens, the lost kittens follow each other in a single line in the order they were captured.  After the player returns all of the lost kittens to their mother, then the player can have a rainbow trail powers, which can be activated by using the Spacebar.  With the rainbow trail powers, the player can go around with world at high speeds with an extended rainbow trailing extending from the cat’s tail.

I hope you have fun playing it.  Feel free to subscribe to my blog or comment on this post.